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Heath has opened for many legendary acts such as BB King, The Doobie Brothers, Robert Cray and many more.

Heath has represented Iowa four times in Memphis at The International Blues Challenge.

​Heath regularly performs and records as a sideman with many of Iowa's most popular bands, including Farmer Tan Funk Band, Damon Dotson Band, The Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame All Stars(Cloud Ten), Paul Wright and The Sofa Kings, Rock Island Rollers, James Biehn Band, Pianopalooza, Sires, Bonnie Finkin and NOLA Jazz Band.

Heath Alan Band 

The Musicians

Heath Alan (Pattschull) is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Des Moines, Iowa. Heath was nurtured and mentored by some of Iowa's greatest talents including Patrick Hazell, Joe Price, Denny Garcia, Rush Cleveland, Roger Miller, Bob Dorr and Jonathan Schwabe. Heath was awarded the prestigious Liberace Music Grant (Yes - That Liberace) and inducted into the Yamaha Musicians Hall of Fame before he was 18 years of age.  Heath studied music at UNLV and The University of Northern Iowa with Frank Gagliardi (Louis Armstrong), Felix Vesculia and composer Jonathan Schwabe.  Heath has been an active musician in the midwest for the past 20 years.  Heath was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his decade long run with Bob Dorr and The Blue Band.  Heath has lead his own band for the past ten years and is an active sideman and studio musician.  

Guitar - Dan Nicholson, Don Boyle, Jeff Banks, Dave Ducharme-Jones, Jason Christiansen and Jorgen Jorgensen

Piano - Krista Hauglund and Justin Appel

Bass - Bill Shannon, Todd Mason, Jon Locker and Jorgen Jorgensen 

Pedal Steel - Roger Miller 

Vocals - Bluebird Page, Rhonda Mickelsen, 

Drums/Percussion - Skip Davis, Sam Mogerman, Tim Crumley, Jason Kampas and John Kazilarmut  

Trumpet - Douglas Huey and Erik Brown

Saxophone - Marian Marturello, Dylan Pattschull

Heath works with top notch musicians.  Various band configurations can be provided to accommodate any style of music needed, from Pop, Soul, Rock and Roll to Jazz and good old days music.  

Buddy Guy's (Chicago)

Holiday Bowl Halftime (San Diego)

Carnegie Hall (New York)

BB King's (Memphis)

Arena Football Superbowl (National Anthem)

Mississippi Valley Blues Festival

Kansas City Jazz Festival

Bix Beiderbeck Jazz Fest

Iowa State Fair

Stubbs (Austin, TX)

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