Heath Alan 

Upcoming Shows​​

Jun  2    HAB Dam 2 Dam Entrance Party! 5:30-7:45 (No Greenwood)

Jun  3   Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Prelims (Heath is a Judge)

Jun  8   Heath with Damon Dotson
Jun 10  HAB  Okoboji Store, Okoboji, IA 
Jun 11  HAB  Okoboji Store, Okoboji, IA
​Jun 16  HAB  Down Under, Des Moines 9-1
Jun 17  HAB The Greenwood, Des Moines 9-1
Jun 21  HAB Blank Park Zoo Brew 6-9 PM
Jun 23  HAB Des Moines Social Club Basement  5:30-7 PM
Jun 24  HAB Briarpatch Amphitheater, Bevington, IA - 4 PM
Jun 30  HAB Okoboji Store - Okoboji, IA 
Jul  1    HAB Okoboji,Store - Okoboji, IA
Jul  7    HAB The Greenwood, Des Moines  9-1
Jul 21   HAB Down Under, Des Moines  9-1
July 22 Heath Solo at Adventureland 1-4
Jul 22   HAB The Greenwood, Des Moines  9-1
Jul 28   Heath with Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 7-9
Jul 29   Heath Solo at Adventureland 1-4 and 6-9
Jul 30   HAB Cedar River Festival, Cedar Falls, IA 3 PM
July 31 Heath solo at Adventureland 6-9
Aug 2   Heath with Damon Dotson Indianola Ballon Festival
Aug 4   HAB The Greenwood, Des Moines  9-1
Aug 10  Moonboy at Iowa State Fair 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30
Aug 11  HAB at Kenny's in Waukee 9-1
Aug 12  Heath with Damon Dotson, Private
Aug 14  Heath and Justin at Iowa State Fair 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 
Aug 18  HAB Des Moines Social Club Basement 5:30-7 PM
Aug 19  HAB The Greenwood, Desw Moines  9-1
Aug 20  HAB at the Iowa State Fair Jalapenio Pete's 4-8
Aug 25  HAB Down Under, Des Moines 9-1
Sep 1    HAB The Greenwood, Des Moines  9-1
Sept 2   Heath w/ Sarah Pattschull at Iowa Stock Music Festival 5 PM
​Sept 3   HAB Iowa Stock Music Festival 5-7

Sept 9  HAB at Captain Roy's 5-7 PM 
Sept 16 HAB at Art by the Lake in Pleasant Hill 3-5 
Sept 16 HAB Greenwood 9-midnight
Oct 6    HAB Greenwood 9-Midnight
Oct 13  Heath and Friends at Sam and Gabes 6:30-9:30
Oct 21  HAB Greenwood 


*Easy to work with*

Why Heath Alan?

Do you need high quality entertainment that will set your event apart? The Heath Alan Band is a sure thing.  We deliver.  There is a reason we have gained a solid reputation with great references.  You can book Heath solo or up to a 10 piece band, depending on your needs.  We almost always have an option that will fit your needs and help create a memorable event.  Call 515-249-9659 to inquire.